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“True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost." ~Charles Caleb Colton






The following stories were acquired from forums, health pages, and other Internet sources. They were provided voluntarily and are the experiences of those who use MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement).
New testimonials will be added periodically.

MMS Testimonial 1 - Crohn's Disease

"I have been debating whether to post this experimental Crohn’s treatment I used on myself. I have recently been reassured that this method is relatively safe when used as directed so I am going to post it here.

Keep in mind, this was an..." click here to read full story.


MMS Testimonial 2 - Great Health Improvements

"I started taking it Christmas of 2007 and within hours my sinuses opened up on both sides of my head and both sides had not been open for many years. My Wheezing from smoking all those years stopped in 2 days. My mild arthritis went away. My age spots on my hands have been fading away, and my circulation on my hands and feet seem to be improving as well. I think my eyesight is getting better as well (but that is just subjective). I have increase stamina in what ever I do.

I am approaching my 2 week period. I notice that..." click here to read full story.


MMS Testimonial 3 - Herpes

"A little update on the herpes2. well after the 3 or 4 days of the tingling feeling and the sensations of a sore that never came out, i am happy to report that not only was there no breakout but now, for me, as my husband, the tingling and any sensation has stopped also...

...looks like the herpes was..." click here to read full story.


MMS Testimonial 4 - Breast Cancer

"Delwyn was originally diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of just 26. It quickly spread to her bones, hips, spine and lung. Her  liver was in bad shape also.
Four weeks ago she was confined to bed, had to urinate in a glass bottle, and weighed only 45 kg.
On October 3rd  2007 was a black day for the family. She had not eaten for 3 days and her Doctor met with the family and said  they needed to make a decision as to whether to pull the feed tubes out of her or not.  She had 2 – 3 week to live.  In emergency hospital, the family had arranged her funeral and cemetery plot
She started on the MMS and..." click here to read full story.


MMS Testimonial 5 - Prostatitis and Elevated PSA

"My son (35 y.o.) has suffered with debilitating prostatitis for 15 years, and since taking MMS (as per protocol) for 10 days has declared himself cured! He has been on the strongest antibiotics for most of that time, which of course has had lots of side effects.

His daughter (3 y.o.) developed a severe throat infection and he said "it's one thing to take MMS yourself, but another thing to give it to a child". However, after careful consideration he and his wife decided to give it to her. She took 1 drop, 2 drops, 3 drops and after the 4 drop dose on day 2, she started playing and..." click here to read full story.


MMS Testimonial 6 - Monitoring Health

"I’ve been experimenting with MMS for some time using myself as a guinea pig.  I changed nothing except to introduce and increase MMS in increments and monitor how I felt.   It was a strict test.
For a year I’ve been monitoring health and over-all fitness using a wonderful Russian machine.  It tests 13 levels of functioning of all the physiological systems.   It’s a 6 minute test;  3 minutes supine, 3 standing. It calculates chronotropic reaction,  compensation response and Ortho-test ratios.  A graph ranges from 1.1 (World class fitness) to 13.7 (Not-so-good).  Being involved in alternative health for 30+ years and knowing what I was doing (Diet, exercise, supplements), In 4 tests, spaced months apart and being a very good boy, I could not get out of the 12-13 range.
After less than a week on MMS (6 drops X 2) I thought I’d check and record my blood pressure.  BP was low, as usual, but I was stunned to see a resting heart rate of 60!  For years my pulse was at 80-85 and I’d have episodes of intermittent racing and irregular HR since I was in my teens*  I’m now 75.." click here to read full story.


MMS Testimonial 7 - HIV

"Just a quick note. I have been helping someone with HIV using MMS. Today he reports that his viral load is only 125. Last lab was 700. He doctor says his blood work looks..." click here to read full story.


MMS Testimonial 8 - Dog Tumor and Infection

My dog is about 13 years old. He has some kind of tumor on his right side. Its not an open wound, but it looks like a golf ball under his fur, well maybe not quite that big.
He also has another tumor or growth of some kind on his front leg. It looks like a penis.
Neither of these seem to bother the dog, however, a couple days ago I noticed he was tilting his head to one side quite often, so I took a flashlight and looked into his ear. It has some kind of infection, its all full of pus and... click here to read full story.


MMS Testimonial 9 - Overall Health Improvement

"I have taken MMS for 3 months and 2+weeks. I started out very low and remained at 3 drops several times a day. I noticed my nails improving right away. They lost the dullness and started to shine. they also lost the ridges and lumps. I noticed the white foam which I took to be yeast die off in the toilet. I have seen..." click here to read full story.


MMS Testimonial 10 - Hepatitis C

"I wanted to tell you a couple of things.  First of all, I got my little brother on the MMS.  He had one month before he saw the doctor regarding his Hepatitis C, but he didn't take the MMS seriously and didn't really get serious about taking it until I got onto him pretty bad.  So, just ONE week before seeing the doctor, he got quickly up to 15 drops twice a day.  When he saw the doctor, his doctor told him he was "kicking butt".  His bilirubin was completely normal!!!  My brother called and was crying.  It was emotional for all of us.  He called three of his sisters and mother and cried with all of us.  He is really sticking with it now, because at the end of November he is supposed to meet with one other doctor...the one who was to put him on..." click here to read full story.


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